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Technical Expertise - Our technical team consists of product specialists that provide expert technical assistance and troubleshooting. We also assist with configuration design needs.

We offer free estimates.

We buy and sell ALL new and obsolete electrical apparatuses, devices, parts, accessory parts, and materials; used, new, and reconditioned. This includes electrical inventories and equipment from plant and factory closings. Call us toll free (866) 315-0137 or email your items to sell to

Emergency Equipment Orders – During non-business hours, an emergency phone number is provided on our voice message system.

Salvage and Demolition- We offer COMPLETE electrical demolition services. Our electrical salvage and demolition crews are licensed and insured with ALL OSHA Certification.

We are conveniently located in North Hampton, New Hampshire just three miles from I-95; a major eastern seaboard interstate. North Hampton is located approximately 50 miles from both Boston, Massachusetts, Concord, New Hampshire, and Portland, Maine. 

We offer convenient payment options, including Net 30 which is offered upon credit approval. See Terms and Conditions for further information.